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Hmm. Not well done

Caroline is off again! Beloved and I will be jetting away in the wee hours of Friday. You can imagine we are in the throes of that pre-travel panic and packing, the part where you can’t decide what to take. It is winter here; summer there. Do I have to wear a coat to the airport? What would I do with it while traveling? Since we expect to take six different flights over three weeks that is not a trivial question. We also have two limos a bus , a boat, and friends with cars. So. Travel light!

We did make some strategic purchases (a bathing suit for me; sandals for Beloved), but I’m still inventorying and deciding what else I need.

Where are we going, you ask? We’re flying first to Auckland, New Zealand. We will have a visit with Jude Knight and Lizzi Tremayne, my fellow Bluestocking Belles. I’m so excited I may explode. We’re also taking in Hobbiton and some exquisite scenery. As if that weren’t enough, we’ll head down to Christchurch and Queenstown, NZ for a look at the mountains, the sea, and Milford Sound. We’ll follow up with a visit to friends in Singapore, and may take a trip to Malacca while we’re there. Did I ever mention we like to travel?

tugo-300x199 Author's Blog But First Coffee Here’s a big question: take laptop or not? Shall I blog every day or write a long one when I get back? Opinions? I’ll ponder that while I pack. But first, coffee.

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  1. Wonderful! No doubt u/hubby will enjoy tremendously! Safe travels & return with new adventures to share!


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