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Tina Susedik with details about the Oregon Trail

064_64-2-300x213 Author's Blog The Trail to Love is my first historical romance and part of The Soul Mate Tree Collective. The story is set on the Oregon Trail. As I wrote the book, I research many words to find out if they were used in 1854 and was surprised at how old some of the phrases and words are that we still use today. I was amazed at what women had to pack for the long journey. I always knew the trek was rough and dangerous, but during my research I marveled at the strength and tenacity of these pioneers.



The-Trail-to-Love-3a-Final_505x825-184x300 Author's Blog About the Book

Jack Billabard has lost his wife and unborn child to childbirth and vows to never to love again. Before he falls apart in front of the men and women of Fort Laramie, he goes to the ranch he and his wife were building in Wyoming and rides to the hills beyond. Through his grieving tears, an old tree appears, giving him hope, hope he doesn’t believe is possible. For the next four years he acts as a guide on the Oregon Trail, taking families to a new life, while his loomed lonely and stagnant.

Sarah Nickelson is a widow with a young son. The night before her abusive husband dies, an ancient tree appears in her yard as she wonders how to go on with her marriage. The tree gives her hope, hope she rejects. After her husband is killed, his doting parents, decide she must go to Oregon City, Oregon to marry her brother-in-law.

During their trek west, Jack and Sarah encounter one another, each afraid to be hurt by another person. Can they survive dogs and puppies, wind and rain storms, Indians and unfavorable fellow passengers while their love blossoms?

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sharp-14_retouch_1-200x300 Author's Blog About the Author

Tina Susedik is a multi-published author with books in both fiction and non-fiction, including history, children’s, and military books. Her favorite is writing romance stories where her characters live happily ever after. She lives in Northwestern Wisconsin and is a member of Romance Writers of America, Wisconsin Romance Writer’s of America, Wisconsin Writer’s Association, and Sisters I crime. Her twentieth book will be released in November with her Chandler County book, Missing My Heart. Tina also write spicier romances as Anita Kidesu.

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Twitter: @tinasusedik

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