Book Hook: The Forceful Hero

logo-book-hooks-e1504535644852 Author's Blog In which the hero commands and Charlotte refuses…

His fierce look almost cowed her, but she clenched her teeth and reminded herself how gentle his hands looked when he examined her brother.

“You are without protection in a foreign city, you face desperate illness, and you refuse help. Foolish woman! Pack your bags,” he demanded.

“I will not.”

He had her off her feet in a heartbeat. She went down the stairs over his shoulder. When she opened her mouth to shout for help, she caught sight of Signora Rossi’s face and knew there would be none from that quarter.

About the Book

It’s 1818 and Byron is in Venice. When Lady Charlotte Tyree’s feckless brother attempts to mimic his idol and swim the Grand Canal, putrid fever lays him flat and strands her there. Venice, Christmas, a handsome Italian doctor… her life is about to take an interesting turn.

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