6 Places to Find Me This Week

It’s almost here! Those of you that read my blog know I have two releases coming out soon, including The Reluctant Wife, the next installment in my Children of Empire Series.  Soon after will come Holiday in Bath, an anthology that includes my novella, “Lord Edmund’s Dilemma.” I owe it to my books to make sure they get as much attention as possible. That means I’m on tour.

But don’t run out to your nearest bookstore. My “tour” is a virtual one, of course. You’ve seen me all over Facebook and the twitterverse. The most fun—though also a bit grueling—are blog appearances. In the past week I’ve answered questions about men, my research, movies, family, heroes, history, inspiration, imagination, travel, and just about any topic you can think of. My favorite is “Why should we run out and buy your book?” That’s tougher to answer than you might think. You’ll find my answer to that one on Musings by Mandy.

You can find me in these places now:

On Taking Tea With Ms. Stuart, I talk to Alison Stewart about the healing properties of honey and how my heroine used it to heal burns.

On Musings By Mandy, Amanda Mariel grilled me about my writing process, my favorite character in the book, my fears, and much more.

On First Kiss Friday, Sherry Ewing got me to share Fred and Clare’s first real kiss…not counting some other…   Well, you’d have to read the book.

On  All About Romance, I dish about the source of most angst, insecurity, and conflict in real or fictional life. That is to say, I write about the impact of family.

Those four include opportunities to win copies of the book and/or link to my Tour Grand PrizeThere will be another opportunity on Friday when I appear on Jude Knight’s Friday Footnotes.

cup-of-coffee-300x202 Author's Blog But First Coffee What is the sixth place to find me? I’ll be back at my usual every-three-week stand on History Imagined.  That is also on Friday. Victorian characters have been on my mind lately and this week I will feature a stargazer. Make a note to check it out. There are no giveaways on History Imagined.

Next week there will be twice as many and others are scheduled for May. I have written several ahead, but I have more interviews to answer and essays to write. I had better get busy. But first? Coffee.

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