7 Entertaining Oscar Moments (and 7 Lame Ones)

Well, the ending was worth staying up for even if did run absurdly, insanely long. Warren Beatty gave it to the wrong movie? Unbelievable, but not his fault.

As always, the show was a mixed bag, but it had some good moments:

  1. The hidden figures actresses introducing the real Katherine Johnson
  2. Emma Stone’s dress
  3. The tourists on the bus
  4. The junior mints
  5. The commercials—by and large better than this year’s Super Bowl. Some brilliant
  6. The multilingual montage: Movies are the universal language
  7. Sunny Pawar, the little boy from Lion

And the usual collection of lame moments

  1. The Rock’s introduction of Lin-Manuel Miranda
  2. Most of the presenters (Seth Rogan /Michael J Fox being the only exception)
  3. Kimmel’s OJ joke
  4. ABC’s red carpet snore fest
  5. Most of the speeches
  6. Dakota Johnson’s dress
  7. Did I mention the presenters?

Ok. Back to work. But first, coffee. It was a late night.

delicious_coffee But First Coffee

2 thoughts on “7 Entertaining Oscar Moments (and 7 Lame Ones)

  1. Actually, not to throw Faye under the bus, but Warren was clearly confused by the card and Faye was the one who announced the (as it turned out: false) winner. Warren should have stopped everything and asked for a review, but there is a lot of pressure in that moment with everyone waiting for your next words.

    I agree the commercials were SO MUCH BETTER here than for the Super Bowl. And while overall entertaining, they should have cut some of these bits so that the show didn’t run so long.

    • Yes, I think she thought he was hamming it up or trying to be funny. That’s why he felt the need to say something after it all blew up.

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