8 Reasons for a Slow Start

I usually have this column ready on Sunday, but this morning is fleeting and I am just putting my Monday thoughts together. Something about that first week of the new year had me wallowing in holiday mode. A number of things got in the way. I spent the weekend getting myself organized, and as of a half hour ago, I think I am back on track, but here are my excuses.

  1. I finally typed “The End” on my work in progress, The Reluctant Wife. It is currently in the hands of beta readers. What a relief that was! I couldn’t think of much else until I got there.
  2. With the turn of the year, I faced an empty schedule on two blogs, my own Highlighting Historical Romance feature and The Teatime Tattler, which I help manage for the Bluestocking Belles. I sent out recruiting notices for both of them through various outlets. One of them at least should have a form to simplify the process but nooooo. Technology fails when you need it most. I spent a lot of time responding to emails and working on the two calendars the past few days…and this morning. The good news? A lot of terrific writers of Historical Romance are eager to share their work with you. The response has been overwhelming.
  3. I’m reading beta copy of a new novel by Sherry Ewing. Ok, this isn’t much of an excuse because reading is one of the best parts of my work as an author.
  4. Epiphany happened. I began the unhappy task of taking down Christmas. By night time yesterday I had the disaster in my workroom triaged, with the luggage, Thanksgiving storage boxes, and wrapping material stowed in the attic. The window candles have been packed away, my little nativities have been boxed, and various decorations throughout the house carried up to said work room where boxes await. Still to do? I have to take down the tree and I have to pack it all up.
  5. I took time to read Jude Knights post about the difficulties faced in our industry. How do you define success as a writer? It is well worth a look, gentle readers. We do a heap of work for little tangible reward.
  6. A new term began for the middle schooler. The Mama and the GMa (that would be me) spent some time looking at after school activities and synchronizing calendars.
  7. It took effort to find my fitbit and get it re-charged so I can get back on program.
  8. I am committed to deliver a novella to Mirror Press for an anthology called Holiday in Bath. The first step is to stare into space a bit and ask myself, “Who is this hero? Who is the heroine? How do they meet? What are their conflicts? Where is the story going?” I’ve done a lot of staring.

Done, done, and done. Everything appears to be under control at the moment. Enough staring! Time to sit down and write. But first, coffee. irish-coffee-15-1024x768 Author's Blog But First Coffee

One thought on “8 Reasons for a Slow Start

  1. I can’t wait to read your new book, The Reluctant Wife.
    The anthology called Holiday in Bath sounds intriguing!

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