3 Goals and Some Looming Objectives

2017 is upon us. I’ve read much angst about 2016 being an annus horribilis and many hopes that the new one will be better. What experience teaches me is that every day is a new start, every year an opportunity to do better, write better, be better. We can never control the external variables, we can only control our own decisions, actions, and reactions. I have many life goals. Let me share a few.

  1. Keep my priorities straight. God, then family, then friends, then the rest of it.
  2. Be kind which is not to be confused with “nice.” Kind requires courage and strength. Put as much tolerance, compassion, and kindness into the world’s store as I can with God’s help.
  3. Write daily. Just do it. It is my expectation that I will:

cup-of-coffee-300x202 Author's Blog But First Coffee

  • Rewrite The Reluctant Wife (Fred’s story) and turn it in for an April release.
  • Write The Unexpected Wife (Charles’s story) and turn it in for an October release.
  • Write a Novella for Holiday in Bath from Mirror Press and turn it in by March 1
  • Dare I add write one more holiday novella???

Of things I have already written, I hope to put A Dangerous Nativity in print and format/publish Lady Charlotte’s Christmas Vigil for next holiday season as well.

It’s a lot of work; I’d better get started. But first, coffee.

2 thoughts on “3 Goals and Some Looming Objectives

  1. I love your goals. I look forward to reading all of your new releases. As for that second holiday novella, I say go for it!

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