Is It Friday Yet?

I should call this post four reasons I’m exhausted before I start this Author's Blog Writing

  1. The Bluestocking Belles Facebook party to celebrate the launch of Holly and Hopeful Hearts lasted 11.5 hours yesterday and I was there for most of it. Behind the scenes things got a bit frantic, but on the page it went swimmingly. Many prizes given and games played and dozens of enthusiastic attendees. Well done everyone!
  2. My grand son spent the weekend with us so his folks could attend the funeral of an old friend out of state.  The poor puppy caught us on a weekend when the GMa (as he calls me) was somewhat preoccupied. We weren’t the most fun grand parents this time but we did manage a round of monopoly and some pie backing. And pumpkin spice pancakes.
  3. I discovered our Local Panera may have good wifi but it has terrible cell phone reception. This matters because I dropped said grandson at Hebrew school which turned out to be closed. Failed to wait! Poor puppy was stuck for a half hour until someone rousted me at Panera. An adrenaline surge makes me weary.
  4. Saturday was trivia night, My team didn’t win, but we did know:
    1. The first vice president to take office after a president died
    2. The highest mountain in New England
    3. The capitol of Columbia
    4. The last president to have a beard
    5. and many others

What I didn’t do was write, so that comes first this morning. But first, coffee.

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