The Morning After

I spent yesterday with over two hundred of my closest (Facebook) friends celebrating the release of The Renegade Wife. It was super fun.

I discovered:

  1. That people really like characters that interconnect in multiple books, which is good news for me because all of mine do that.
  2. That people like children in books as long as they are fully formed characters who contribute to the plot, which is good news for me because most of my books have them.
  3. That people really like games, especially the funny ones.
  4. That writers are kind and generous people, happy to help out. We had a fabulous line up.

The big announcement of the morning:

The winner of grand prize package for The Renegade Wife Grand Prize Package is Shirley Law Cochran.  Thanks to all who entered.

I still have to sort through all the winners of the dozen or more prizes at the party. Then I think I’ll go pick apples with my grandson.

But first? Coffee.

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6 thoughts on “The Morning After

  1. I can’t believe that I missed the chat! First of all, let me tell you that I loved the book.

    Glenaire (because he will always be Glenaire to me) showed up! Yay! I don’t care that he said very little, he was there.

    I like what you did with Rand. I’m curious about what happened with Fred and Charles and can’t wait to see how you resolve their situations. The teaser to Fred’s book is intriguing.

    I’d love to see Jamie again (my shabby major). I will always love Will and Catherine. More Glenaire, please and his sister, Georgiana.

    I didn’t care for Meggy, but well, your books are always about Glenaire to me (even when he only makes a cameo appearance).

    A prequel would be nice. I’m sure Glenaire has some more meddling he can do.

    • Chuckling here. Yes, Glenaire has meddling and there will be novellas to write.Sorry you didn’t like Meggy. We can’t all go for the same characters, I guess. I’m glad you enjoyed the book.

      • Oh no worries, I never like the heroines. I don’t expect to like them. They don’t respond to situations in the way that I want them to. But if they did, the book would be over in a couple of pages. Abusive husband? Quick whack over the head when he is drunk, bury him in the backyard and it’s hey Rand! Let’s get married! ?

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