4 Things I Can Skip

National Novel Writing Month is begins tomorrow and I’m ready. My work in progress has to be finished this month. It has been promised and I will deliver. I can do this, right?

But with a patio project engulfing the house, grandma duties looming, and a husband who’s a tad distracted (see patio project), something has to give.

Here are some things I think I can skip.

  1. Twitter! I’ve been tweeting about both my new releases every two days for a while now. It won’t ruin my career if I give twitter a break for two weeks or so.
  2. Housework. There’s no reason this place needs to be any cleaner than it is now before … oh dear… Thanksgiving. I’ll worry about that in two weeks as well.
  3. Cooking. We can eat scrambled eggs or tuna sandwiches. The pizza guy delivers and so does the Chinese restaurant.
  4. Facebook Notifications. I can check in every morning to meet my promises and obligations and scoot right back out. I don’t have to get distracted by all the shiny things being drawn to my attention.

Next weekend is empty too. That should get me through two weeks. I’ll regroup then.

coffee-break-1454539196eJw-300x259 Author's Blog Writing There are some things I can’t skip, not if I want my characters to keep talking to me and explaining the story: long walks, Mass three times a week, and meditation. All that fuels my insides.  There are things that Life won’t let me skip as well, of course, but we’ll let those just roll over us.

Today the WIP gets a read through and I will lay out some notes on the rest of the plot. But first? Coffee!

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