Thank goodness it’s Monday!

I know Monday is the least loved day of the week, but why not?

For starters today is my first day back to normal in three weeks, and it always feels good to get back to something resembling an organized life.

I actually took two days last week to review all my to-do lists, marketing plans, calendar, and what-not. I deleted out-of-synch repeating tasks and ones that have been supplanted. I reviewed my priorities and cleaned the mess up.

There was a speed bump this weekend when a virus got the better of me, giving my another reason to be glad it is Monday. I’m pleased to put that behind me.

Besides, this promises to be an exciting week. The last few fixes to The Renegade Wife went to the editor today and I expect to have a pre-sale date this week.  The Bluestocking Belles are a busy bunch this week, also, working on our holiday boxed set including my novella An Open Heart. Expect a big announcement on Friday. Two new books this fall!

But first, coffee.

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