Turmoil in the Holy Roman Empire

Highlighting Historical Romance: Anna Markland, in which the author gives us a taste of the research involved in moving her series to Bavaria, Saxony, and other parts of Europe.

2LoyalHeartMED-200x300 Author's Blog I chose to set my current series, The Von Wolfenberg Dynasty, in medieval Germany. I did this because the series is based on a book I wrote some time ago called Carried Away.

The heroine of that story, Blythe FitzRam, married a Saxon count, Dieter von Wolfenberg. Readers familiar with my work know that I follow my families through several generations, and it was inevitable I turn my attention eventually to Blythe and Dieter’s offspring.

Most of my medieval books are set in England and/or Normandy, and this change of setting required extensive research into the Holy Roman Empire.

I became particularly fascinated with two historical characters, Emperor Lothair II and his son-in-law, Heinrich, Duke of Bavaria and Saxony.

Both play important roles in Loyal Heart and Courageous Heart, but I don’t think I am giving too much away when I tell you that only Heinrich survives to Book 3, Faithful Heart.

The sometimes-deadly rivalries between the many German dukes who vied for the throne of the 2CourageousHeart-200x300 Author's Blog Empire provided a complex backdrop for the plot of Loyal Heart, which features Blythe’s daughter, Sophia.

The imperial invasion of Italy to protect the Vatican from the incursions of Roger of Sicily and to maintain German influence over the Pope drags Blythe’s sons into a foreign war in Courageous Heart.

Both books are available now, exclusive to Amazon.

Faithful Heart will be published in the fall.

Instead of an excerpt, I’ll leave you with Sophia von Wolfenberg’s impression when she first sets eyes on Brandt Rödermark. “He was too stunning to be true, the kind of knight troubadours sang of.”

You can buy the books here:

Loyal Heart

Courageous Heart

annacropped2-242x300 Author's Blog About the author:

Passion conquers whatever obstacles a hostile medieval world can throw in its path in my page-turning adventures that have earned me a place on Amazon’s All-Star list.

Besides writing, I have two addictions-crosswords and genealogy, probably the reason I love research.

I am a fool for cats.

5 thoughts on “Turmoil in the Holy Roman Empire

  1. Would it be more accurate to call it the Wollenberg Dynasty? I understood that the “von” attaches to an individual like a title, but does not become part of the surname.

    • Let me know how you enjoy them, Donald. My husband (also Donald) is always the first person to read my finished manuscript, and if he gives the thumbs up I feel confident it’s a go!

      • Anna – finished the books and found them interesting. Donald was correct. Often times find the hero to be “sisyfied” in portrail but not your’s. Good stories, that kept me involved.

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