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Today’s thrilling task is a line by line check of the final manuscript of The Renegade Wife looking for extraneous spaces. My final edit is finished, and I’m more grateful than I can say that a “real” editor will have it next. My story is a wide swath of color in my head full of images, sound, and life. The written word is a collection of little black letters, dots, and symbols that translate the story into written English. Lining them all up properly is darned tedious!

Elsewhere in the writer’s life, I’m taking steps to overcome the biggest occupational hazard, sitting. While writer’s urge one another to keep “butt in chair; hands on keyboard,” or BICHOK, means don’t avoid the writing/just sit down and do it, all that sitting is not great health. Medical evidence is mounting that sitting all day is harmful. Sitting, folks are saying, is the new smoking. Oh I hope it isn’t that bad because my job is to sit in that chair! So today I’m starting a new campaign Goal 1 is just get up and move every hour. Goal 2 is 6000 steps a day. I’m wearing my Fitbit so I’ll know how well I do.

One advantage of all this sitting is my desk overlooks my feeders. In the time it took me to write this gold finches and red house finches covered one feeder, a red bellied woodpecker, who has learned to peck the big feeder to bring down extra seed, chased the sparrows away, and a fox meandered through, checked the situation and ran off. At least It is an interesting place for my desk.

Back to line checks—but first coffee!

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  1. Line edits can be so tiring. Due to some weird technical errors, I had to read through Tyburn more than a dozen times looking for missing spaces! It sounds like you have a lovely view, though. Good luck with your edits and with your goal of keeping active! I need to follow your example and make more time to move! 🙂

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