What Was I Thinking!

I just reviewed my to-do list. Merciful angels, what was I thinking?

Right before that I posted a project update to for the Bluestocking Belles. Each of us is due to send rough draft of our novella for the Belles’ next holiday anthology to two beta readers on May 1.  17th-Century-World-Map-Clock-mix-254x203 Author's Blog It won’t be released until November but yes, it takes that long to get it together. I have three weeks to write another 16000 words or so. At least I have the characters fleshed out. The setting is easy! The entire anthology wraps around a ball at Hollystone Hall, owned by the Duchess of Haverford. Click here to see the Hall on Pinterest.

Now 5-6000 words a week isn’t difficult since I have a plot outline and I’m dovetailing with the anthology timeline. However, I a friend arrives on Friday night and we plan a week of touring, lunch at Cape May and the Philadelphia Museum of Art for starters.  Oh, and a trip to an outlet mall as well.

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Let’s see, story to write, guest rooms to clean…  It might help to also make sure the taxes are mailed and we’ve figured out the insurance for the new car. (Did I mention new car…great event but a bit of business to conduct,)   Oh! This week I also agreed to answer questions and join in discussion about Dangerous Secrets with the Belles Brigade. If you have questions you’re dying to ask or want to comment on the book, click on the cover to the right to join in. We start at 8 on Wednesday night.

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I finished beta reading Jude Knight’s draft of Embracing Prudence over the weekend and got my comments off to her. That reminds me that I’m expecting comments from Beta readers on The Renegade Wife this month also. I need to get rewrites and edits done on that one ASAP since I already signed a contract with Soul Mate Publishing for that one. That one and two sequels.

Yep, April is a busy month. Since I have a contract for Renegade and two additional books (THREE MORE BOOKS!!), 2016 is shaping up to be a busy one.

But first, coffee!

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  1. I’m so happy that you are writing lots of wonderful books for us. I love your books!!

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