Owls and I

I’ve been away from my computer for several days. Did you miss me? <grin>

12144650_523737657790546_7693918619558420580_n-165x300 Author's Blog Marketing I came home to piles of work and news both challenging and good. The best of the bunch is this picture. In past weeks I have given away a few of these plush snowy owls. They are Audubon branded and, when pressed, have “authentic” sound.  This one went to Linda Amirkhizi who named it Loki before I even shipped it.

I expect all recipients to name their owl and tend it carefully. I’m keeping track of these “Caroline Owls.”  I can’t be sure all future birds will be snowy but all will be owls.

How did I come to my fascination with owls? To be begin with I love all birds. They are to me a symbol of grace. I learned that when bird watching. You can’t force them to come; you have to put yourself in a state of expectation and quiet, open your eyes, and wait. The same can be said for inspiration. Writers do a lot of putting themselves in a state of expectation and waiting for inspiration.

I saw my first owl when I was around ten, walking home from school one afternoon. Two little screetches OFK_13589588990-212x300 Author's Blog Marketing looked out at me from a hole in a tree. I was thrilled.  A fictional turning point however, was The Once and Future King.  I became enamored of Merlin’s Archimedes, the wise voice of the story. How I longed for an owl of my own! That of course, would be illegal, as well it should be, but a girl can dream. Harry Potter’s Hedwig is a marvel, but she can’t hold a candle to Archimedes.

My other favorite owl is the one associated with Athena. As mythological characters go, you can’t beat an utterly feminine woman who carries a sword, wears a  battle helmet, and yet has an owl.  My kind of girl!

Congratulations to Linda and her Loki! I hope a lot of Caroline Owls make it into the wild in coming months. If you watch, opportunities to win one will crop up now and then.


2 thoughts on “Owls and I

  1. Owls? Oh boy! I love owls. Actually, one of my nickname is Petit Hibou (Little Owl). Back when I had my own business (typing students’ university assignments, translation, making CVs, etc.,), the name of my company was Libou Communications (Li for Liette and Bou for Bougie – but it was also the nickname a working colleague had given me and which sort of meant “Le Hibou”). My logo was an owl perched on a pencil. My youngest daughter (she’s 24) has inherited my love of owls – last year, I made her two little crocheted owls. Of all the plush toys my kids had, I kept a small owl. So, you see, I do love owls. 🙂

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