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Maggi Andersen

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I am an Australian author of historical romance, romantic suspense and mysteries. I live in the beautiful Southern Highlands of New South Wales with my husband a retired lawyer. He is now my proof reader, and a wonderful beta reader.

Since reading Georgette Heyer when I was young, Regencies have always been a favorite. My Regency novella, AT THE EARL’S CONVENIENCE, is set during the Napoleonic Wars. The hero, Giles Devereux, Earl of Halcrow, has just resigned his commission with Wellington’s army. Giles was in the Hussar regiment. This required some research on my part to better understand what took place in Spain and the Hussar’s role in the war. My heroine, Selina, Countess of Halcrow, needs to find out more about her mysterious husband, Giles to better understand him. She writes to her brother-in-law. Harry replies:

A letter from Harry arrived, and Selina rushed to the library to open it. He’d penned a ten-page missive, tactfully refraining from asking why she couldn’t just ask her husband. In Harry’s opinion, the Hussars were a brave lot, their work extremely dangerous, consisting mainly of reconnoitering and hit-and-run skirmishing to inform Wellington and disable the enemy. He had great admiration for them, despite what had happened at the Battle of Badajoz almost a year ago. The battle itself, he outlined in detail for five or six pages, explaining how thousands of British soldiers had been killed. Harry thought Devereux’s regiment would have been devastated. What followed brought great shame on the British army, as, after the British victory, came mass looting and disorder, when the redcoats sought revenge for their lost comrades. During a wanton sacking of Badajoz, many homes were broken into, property stolen, and Spanish civilians killed. Scores of soldiers had been flogged as punishment, and a gallows was erected to hang those found guilty, although none faced the hangman.

Siege_of_Badajoz_by_Richard_Caton_Woodville_Jr-300x194 Author's Blog Guest Author

Siege of Badajoz by Richard Caton Woodville

About the book

After refusing him once, heiress Miss Selina Wakefield accepts Giles Devereux, Earl of Halcrow’s, offer of marriage, against her better instincts. The handsome earl confesses that he needs to marry into money to save his crumbling estate, Halcrow Hall, and produce an heir.

Earl-200x300 Author's Blog Guest Author Giles is the most interesting and fascinating man Selina knows. But he is also the most secretive. He has resigned his commission in the army while England is at war, and members of the ton cut him.

Because of the earl’s rakish reputation, Selina fears she may be leaving her calm, organized life for one of disorder and heartbreak. But she never expects what lies ahead.

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