Elemental Story Telling

All this week Melissa Stark is featuring analyses of various books in her Elemental Story Telling blog event.  The idea is for authors to view their plot through the lens of the Periodic Table of Storytelling and create a “molecule” that reflects how the tropes and other story elements relate to one another.

What is a trope? It is a familiar story element. In a Regency novel it might be:

  • Impoverished earl needs a wealthy wife
  • Injured hero
  • Marriage of convenience

There are few if any totally original plot points. Authors all pick and choose and fit them together creatively.   A novel might for example use all three of those bullet points. What results would be unique to the author’s creation.

Each of the authors featured in this even created a graphic “molecule” with the elements of her story and an explanation for them.

Look for Dangerous Secrets to be featured later this week.

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2 thoughts on “Elemental Story Telling

  1. Just read your last two posts and I just wanted to offer a word of encouragement because I really like your stuff! I read DANGEROUS WORKS a week or so ago and liked it so much that I immediately purchased DANGEROUS SECRETS. I just started it today, but I can tell I’m going to like it just as much.

    I found you while surfing Amazon’s Kindle offerings and I feel like I struck gold. I love it when I find a really good new author. Happy to hear you are going to have a third book coming out in the Fall.

    • Thank you. You are very kind. Like many writers, positive feedback keeps me going. I’m glad you’re enjoying my work. I’m currently working through my editors comments on Dangerous Weakness and I’m getting excited about getting it out there.

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