Writer’s Avalanche

Some people have asked if Dangerous Works would have a sequel. Yes!

This has been a productive month, and as I picked up steam after the holidays an avalanche of work has overtaken me.  (The Great Nor’easter of 2015 is about to hit. Snow is on my mind)

I woke up this morning to edited copy of Dangerous Secrets from my editor at Soul Mate. What comes next is for me to go through the manuscript line by line and respond to her fixes, suggestions, and comments. On comment I love already: she likes the book very much! Dangerous Secrets is Jamie’s story and it takes place in Rome in 1820.  It is scheduled for release in mid-March 2015

At the same time, I just finished the rough draft of Dangerous Weakness, which is the Marquess of Glenaire’s story, on Friday. A few good friends are reading it now and I should start rewrites next week.  This one is already under contract and I hope to see it on the December 2015 release schedule.

I plan to write a  about Will Landrum, Earl of Chadbourn, the friend of Richard, Jamie, and Andrew, as a prequel to the books.  It will be a holiday novella. Readers of Dangerous Works may remember his wedding takes place in that book.

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