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The Slums of London in Regency England

Highlighting the Facts behind Historical Romance with Jude Knight Like any big city, London has always had slum areas. In the early nineteenth century, they were noxious and dangerous. I’ve been studying them for the last two novels in my Regency series, The Return of the Mountain King. In 1800, over a million people lived […]

Worry Beads

Highlighting Historical Romance with Pamela Gibson and her novel Scandal’s Deception. My quirky American heroine in Scandal’s Deception uses worry beads to calm herself. Hers areamber and are spaced evenly on a string. Worry beads were believed to have been created by monks in Mount Athos, Greece, years beforethe time of A.D. Like strings of […]

New Book; New World

I’ve been forced to spend more time lately dealing with Real Life rather than my fictional worlds lately but I’m taking a moment out to remind everyone that Thursday will see the release of not only a new book but a new Caroline Warfield fictional world. The Wayward Son launches on Thursday and will be […]

War in the Dutch East Indies

Highlighting Historical Romance with Sally Brandle on the facts behind Sapphire Promise On December 7, 1941, the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. That fact I knew. Within hours, they also bombed Guam and the Philippines (also US possessions) and the British colonies of Hong Kong, Singapore, and Malaya. Within days, Japan occupied Guam and the Philippines. […]

The Eastern Obsession

Did you know that Britain obsessed on the stability of the Ottoman Empire in the 19th century? It was vital as a buffer between Russian and the West. In diplomacy it was referred to as “the Eastern Question.” I wrote about it yesterday for Catherine Castles Musings from a Writer’s Brain.