Dangerous Weakness Fall Tour 2015

Caroline will visit several blog sites in September and October in which she hopes to introduce some characters, tease you with excerpts, and explain some historical background. In addition she has written an article for the October issue of InD’Tale, and will be a guest on The Romance Bookmark radio podcast. Visit one and leave a comment then link back here and click on the Rafflecopter for chances to win the prize package.


Caroline will be giving away Kindle copies of her first two books during the tour September 7-30, Caroline will give Kindle copies of both of her earlier works, one each to two randomly selected people who comment. During October and November Caroline will give a Kindle copy of ONE of her first two books to one randomly selected person who comments.

In addition, a prize package will be presented at the Dangerous Weakness Book Launch Party on Facebook. It will include an Amazon gift card, Jane Austen note cards, an autographed copy of Dangerous Works, The Bluestocking Belles Guide to a Good Time, and, a Warfield favorite, an Audubon plush Snowy Owl with actual owl sounds. Click here to join the party and enter.

The Tour

(Schedule as of August 23 and subject to change)

September 6 Becky Lowery’ s blog

September 9 Julie Doherty’s blog

September 14 Romance Bandits

September 15 New Title Tuesday – Mari Christie

September 16 Amy Rose Bennett’ s blog

September 18 Ella Quinn’s blog

September 21 Sherry Ewing’s blog

September 23 C.D. Hersch Spotlight

September 24 Jude Knight’s blog

September 28 Regina Jeffers’s blog

September 29 The Romance Bookmark Radio Podcast

October 5 A Covent Garden Gilflurt’s Guide to Life

October 8 Getting Into Character on History Imagined

October 14  Amanda L. V. Shalaby’s blog

October 16 Joanne Guidoccio’s blog

October 22 Collette Cameron’s Blue Rose Blog

October 26 Vanessa Riley’s Christian Regency blog

October 28 The Risky Regencies

October 30 C.D. Hersch Friday Feature

November 4 Susana’s Parlour

In addition she will continue her regular appearances on

History Imagined: September 11, October 2 and October 23

The Teatime Tattler: September 26, October 10 and November 21

Join us~we gonna have fun!

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