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EGG The Egg Hunt, alas, is over.  Look here by noon on 4/5/21 for the results: The Egg Hunt.

Still available through April 13:  free novella from my secret cave. Leave a comment on this page telling me which book cover you like best and why. I’ll send a message with the link to everyone who does. While you’re here, check out Storm & Shelter, a collection of April stories that launches April 13. 

Children of Empire

The Searchers

In Children of Empire, The Searchers three cousins driven apart by one conniving woman let love show them the way home from the edges of the Empire.

The Dangerous Series

In The Dangerous Series, four friends loyally protect one another from peril in all its forms but eventually discover their most vulnerable places are their hearts. They all have to learn that that love is worth the risk.

Collections and Stand Alone Titles

Holiday Stories

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  1. I love Fire &Frost, love the dress. Thanks for the chance.

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