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5 Things I Learned About 1835

The Reluctant Wife is in the final stages of editing and on track for an April 26 release. It is set in 1835, and in the process of writing it I learned quite a bit about that era. Sometimes I think collecting odd bits of facts is the most fun part of my job. The […]

Want To Make Something Of It?

Guilt? I don’t have any guilt. {{Author hides in closet emptying a box of chocolates}} At least no more than most folks. This weeks writing prompt for the #MFRWAuthor blog hop is to list seven guilty pleasures. So I’ll crawl out of my closet and give this a try. No shame here. Candy Crush Saga. […]

The Liberator, Love, and Emancipation

Highlighting Historical Romance: Regan Walker The issue of emancipation for Catholics consumed England for many decades, beginning in the 18th century and continuing until the Catholic Emancipation Act in 1829. Prior to that, Catholics could not, among other things, hold public office nor serve in Parliament. Ironically, the Prince Regent opposed Catholic Emancipation even though […]

A Few Good Words

I’ve always said I can go for weeks on a few good words. My muse feeds on it. Tell me you like my book, and I’ll hustle to write another one. That said, I may get months of forward energy from this particular review. The March issue of InD’Tale magazine published a review for The […]

Gag! Words I Don’t Want to Hear

This week’s starter in the 52 Week Challenge is “Words that make me go ICK,” or maybe just GAG. Simple enough. I might begin with feces, puke, scabies, worm guts, pustules, zit… Need I go on? My least favorite word? Fuck. I know, I know; it is a good plain Anglo-saxon word that cuts through […]